April 18, 2009

Ian's Shoelace Site

You probably haven't given too much thought to your shoelaces since you were about five. You probably didn't think there was much to give any thought to. I certainly didn't.

Well, check out Ian's Shoelace Site, a quirky treasure trove of information related to the humble shoelace. Looking for some stylish alternatives to the basic pattern you use on every pair of shoes you own? Wonder what method is best for hiking or biking or hacky sacking? Want to remedy a sore spot? Eager for a shortcut to speed up the lengthy process of tying a standard shoelace knot? Need a solution if you can use only one hand? The answers are all here.

Detailed instructions and illustrations are accompanied by hundreds of user photographs. You may be surprised by how much time you end up perusing this site.


jovaliquilts said...

My podiatrist made a nifty change in my shoelaces when I developed a new pain on the top of my foot, and presto! No pain! But I'm willing to ditch the therapeutics for one of those much cooler looks.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I never dreamed there could be so many ways to tie shoes! I enjoyed looking through all the recent postings. Love the pics of the kids in the snow and backyard. Glad the snow experience ended on a happy note. The wine country video was a special treat -- it feels so much a part of me. Adventures in food look intriguing. You have so many interests -- your mind is amazing. Chris